The Everglades is a land that is found nowhere else. It is a mangrove, prairie, lake and wetland. It is a unique wetland. Extensive wildlife is found here, including birds, manatees, fish and the American Alligator. The Everglades is the only place in the world where both Alligators and Crocodiles are found. Here, the fresh water comes from lake Okeechobee through Rivers Shark and Taylor and the salt water comes from the Sea. There are bays all along which means that the fresh and salt water mix and create brackish water.

On the first day, we visited the Gulf Coast Visitors center and took a boat tour where we went through Mangroves and we actually saw a Manatee! Then, we went through the Tamiami trail and through the Loop Road to Homestead, where we were staying. The Loop Road is a drive where you can see Alligators very close to you! We saw 13! It was wonderful! And they were less than 10 ft away from us! One of them was only 3 ft away!



Then, we went to Homestead, where we were staying, in a motel called Fairway Inn. It was extremely comfortable. We settled down and relaxed.

The second day we did 4 trails- Anhinga, Gumbo Limbo, Pahayokee and Mahogany Hammock. My father promised me 22 Alligators in the second and third day. We saw only one on the Anhinga trail. It wasn’t too close to us, pretty far away to be honest. The Gumbo Limbo trail focuses on nature. There were various types of plants. The Pahayokee trail showed us how the Native Americans saw the Everglades. Absolutely beautiful. The Mahogany trail shows the huge trees and owls, if you can spot them.

On the third day we went to Shark Valley. No, there are no sharks. In Shark Valley, we took the Tram Tour, where we saw 20 Alligators!! We also saw baby alligators and birds. The ending was very special. We saw an alligator eating another alligator which was smaller. The bigger one looked like a mother because many many babies were around. The smaller one was a youngster that was probably living alone for only some time. Its neck was crushed, bending into the water, its back against the water. We saw the bigger one take bits of the scales, but we never saw any flesh. It was very close to us, less than 10 ft away!


On the fourth day, we went to the Florida Keys where me and my dad went snorkeling! Then, we went across the 7 mile bridge! I was asleep all along, but they woke me up at the end of the bridge. It was beautiful. The Atlantic Ocean is beautiful.


Oh, and then came Magical Miami, but that is another story.