It started off with the big NASA globe at the entrance. That itself made me feel so much energy.


Then, we began by taking the famous Bus Tour which takes you to the Saturn V/ Apollo center and gives you a whole glimpse of the Center. The Saturn V/ Apollo Center begins with a small video of how the moon mission began. Then, we got to sit in the actual command center for the actual Apollo 8 launch, which was the first successful Apollo mission to go to the moon an come back.  It did not land on the moon (that was the Apollo 11) it orbited the moon. After that, we saw the actual Saturn V, which was a rocket used from the Apollo 4 to 17 missions. It was the biggest and most powerful rocket ever flown. It was massive!! THEN I TOUCHED AN ACTUAL MOON ROCK! Its not big, its actually very small. But it was part of the moon!! I actually touched a part of the moon!


After that, we watched a video-presentation of the Apollo 11’s launch and how Neil Armstrong said “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.” It really gave me goosebumps and slightly made me cry. After that, we went back to the main Visitor’s Center and participated in the Astronaut Encounter, where a REAL astronaut (Bob Cenker, for us) talks about a topic (He talked about his experience of going into space), then you get to ask questions and get pictures. It was a true blessing. I met and talked to someone who went into space.


Then, we went to the Atlantis center, where we saw the real space shuttle Atlantis, which flew into space 33 times, and holds that record. Its massive. In the Atlantis center, you can also play some games involving Astronaut skills as well as the Shuttle Launch Experience. The Shuttle Launch experience involves a simulation of what it feels like launching into space. Its amazing.


After that, we watched 2 IMax movies- Journey to Space and Hubble Telescope. The 3D vision is wonderful, and both movies are excellent. Then, we went to the Rocket Garden, where many rockets that were used are put up, it was mind blowing. Then, we went to another presentation called Journey to Mars: Explorers Wanted. It focuses on the fact that NASA wants to explore life on Mars, based on the condition of our planet today. Since most astronauts have done at least 10 years of astronomy and space travel, they are old now and want to teach the next generation, my generation. So, they want new astronauts who are willing to give up their lives for discovering the world. And that presentation made me feel emotional.

Throughout the whole experience, I thought about how it would be to be an astronaut. I was willing to risk my life to explore the world. Everyone says I am a curious person, and very different. I have thought about being and astronaut before, but I haven’t ever felt so strong about it before. I still have a long way to go, but it might be my profession. Nobody knows. But NASA knows more than anyone or anything.