📍galapagos’16 (special: I was nearly KILLED by a SEA LION??)

Nah, Sea Lions are cuties.                                                                                   But I nearly died.

Let me start from the beginning. We were on Isabella Island of the beautiful island- Galapagos. It was only our second day here, we had reached yesterday. I really wanted to start snorkeling fast. My father did not want to start snorkeling today, as we were going to Los Tunnels tomorrow. Lost Tunnels is the real snorkeling in Isabella Island. But I wanted to get started already! So, we went for an Island called Tintoreras. My dad was not expecting anything, to be honest. That’s typical him. In his mind, whatever he chooses is going to be awesome, whatever I choose is already garbage. But, he was surprised, like he always is when I’m right.

It started off great. We first walked around on the Island- Tintoreras. It was like another planet. But what was amazing about it? We saw 30-70 white tip reef sharks in one go! Sharks rest during the day, and hunt in the night. That means they also sleep in the day, so, they spend their day time in shallow waters, where they cannot drown. There was also a huge ray, baby marine iguanas (which we were completely used to by now) and a sea turtle.

IMG_3154    IMG_3143

Then, it was time to get into the water!!!

At first, me and my dad were totally disappointed!(My Mom didn’t come on this half day trip) There was absolutely nothing! But, things changed when our wonderful guide, Richard, came into the water and helped us.

First, he took us to a place where there were thousands of beautiful fishes! Sadly, I don’t have any pictures because I don’t have a waterproof camera. Then, we saw some starfish and 10 rays! So beautiful.

Then, I was nearly killed.                                                                                   By a Sea Lion.

What happened was that my dad and I were slightly behind, and our guide and two other tourists were ahead because my dad is a slightly slow swimmer and I had to WAIT for him. So then, out of nowhere, a huge sea lion, slightly bigger than me, comes out of nowhere. I was so surprised,  my snorkel came off and I had to put my head above water. Then I see the others laughing saying “That was cool, huh?”. Yeah, it was cool. But, we were still behind. Dad, I blame you. Then, this sea lion keep circling me and swimming around me, so I observe it, and I realize, this was an Alpha Male Sea Lion. So, I got scared. Alpha Male Lions can charge and attack you. They can even bite. They do so because, since you are big, they think you are invading their territory. Then, FINALLY, my dad catches up to ME. GO DAAAADD!! 

This Sea Lion just won’t let me go. It swims next to me, our bodies touching. It comes to me from front, so we both are nose to nose. It charges several times, but I am so scared now, COME ON ALREADY IT SHOWED ME ITS TEETH OF COURSE I’M SCARED! I just dive towards my dad and just swim next to him. But the currents push me away, and this sea lion kicks off my flipper. And the flipper has fallen 10 ft down. My dad tries to get it, but nah, he’s terrible at anything in water. But I got it. I’m proud of myself. And shame on you dad. Just kidding, I love you.

Then, we keep going. And surprise surprise. 4 sea lion cubs, playing around with the other tourists, so I join. (by the way, I should mention, my dad was too scared to go close to them )

Its soooooooooooooooooooooooo fun!!!! I dive, swim and play with them and they are the cutest things EVERRRRR!!!! Then, some PENGUINS join in and I play with them too!!! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE AND SOOOOOOOOOOOO FUN!!!

Sometimes the journeys you expect to be the least interesting can change your mind.