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Well, firstly wow.
Secondly, wow.
Thirdly, wow.

Machu Pichu seriously made me think so much more of the Incas. Well, lets just say I’m not the most enthusiastic person when it comes to exploring or even looking at ruins. So, when in January I was told that we would be going to Machu Pichu, I wasn’t over the top. But when we were there, I WAS MIND BLOWN! It was incredible! The fact that they built it between mountains!

First, let me make you a little bit jealous.


Now let me tell you that after 4 hours, I nearly fainted.

Two days before we went, the weather was terrible! But we were extremely lucky! My mom’s prayers worked!

It was a pretty tiring walk. But, it was worth it. We went at a decent-early time, so we reached around 7AM. There weren’t too many people at first, but by 930-10AM, it was FULL! What was a real bummer was the fact that there were no water stations, inside or outside the monument. Also, there were no toilets inside, only outside the gate. Even those were paid toilets! We pay so much to see the monument and then pay more to use the tolets, which aren’t even very clean. Its the biggest wonder of the modern world! Outrageous!


Its amazing to think, that up so high in the mountains, they cut through many, and built a place for sacred purposes. They grew crops here, in the middle of mountains. They brought bricks, from over 10 kilometers below. Wow.

The walk altogether was very tiring and lasted about 2-3 hours with a lot of climbing up and down. There were llamas too, which made the scenery even better. The ruins in this monument are much larger than they seem. I hated that part. I wasn’t interested in it at all. What I loved was the height scenery. But more or less, here are the beautiful pictures….                                                                         DSC_7667





Naturally, you’d expect this article is over here. Wrong. So now, *reminder that I’m only writing more because my mom thought I’d   written too less.*

Here’s my ‘Once In a Lifetime Machu Pichu Experience’, I wouldn’t say its a once in a lifetime experience. Its not THAT hard to get to. Its very beautiful, and its not likely that I’ll come back to Peru, but I’m not going to assume that I won’t ever come back.

So, I was amazed. Thrilled. Tired. A little bored during the ruins. But lucky to have seen this beautiful architecture. Whats really amazing is the fact that its in between mountains! It sets the scenery a hundred times better! Imagine a hundred years ago, people lifting bricks up a mountain to build a sacred area.