America vs India : The realistic differences

I recently visited the United States of America, and living in India for 12 years, only going abroad on travel, and staying there for almost 3 months, I noticed a lot of differences.

Disclaimer: I am NOT being judgemental or discriminative. I am just expressing differences between two countries.

America is a land of opportunities. In America, you can go into the film industry, you can help in finding new technology for mankind, you can educate others in various fields. You can become a doctor, a musician, a scientist, a programmer, a designer, an architech, an actor, a revolutionist.

In India, of course you have opportunity. But, you don’t have such a wide range of things to do, or things you can be. Another reason for this is because our 75% of our country is illiterate. Which means, people voting for the wrong people, that means opportunity being less. Most parents hope for a child who will become a doctor, or an Engineer. Most parents don’t want their kids wanting to be a singer or actor. So, when a setup is made for children with different dreams, very few kids attend, which means the setup is over.

Another thing America has is roads. A well maintained Highway system. Even in the national parks- Perfect roads. Directions. Proper lanes. Traffic Lights at every junction. An Interstate system with exits.

99.9% of Good Roads in India is found in the National Highways. And the other 0.1% otherwise. People break rules, don’t care about lanes, honk for no reason. People break traffic rules.

America has material. By material, I mean supplies. Personally, for a person like me who loves art, its amazing.The variety of things you get is actually mind boggling. People who live there don’t even realise it! And art isn’t the only thing- many, many fields.

India doesn’t have as much variety. I’m not saying that there is nothing. I’m just saying that I wish I had more, because its possible.

Major point: Cleanliness.

America is much, much cleaner. I’m not saying everywhere is spic and span. But, there are dustins everywhere. People generally don’t have a tendancy of throwing garbage generally.

India : Complete opposite. People throw whatever they want, everywhere. You can find cows, stray dogs , birds eating garbage. It’s actually disappointing, where we could be, compared to what we are.

In America, people can wear what they want. There’s less concern about safety. And it can also be a good thing sometimes. It can make a person feel confident about themselves.

In India, you have to wear ‘Decent’ clothes. If denim shorts means ‘Unsophisticated’ or ‘Improper’, then I have to say, our country will never develop. Of course, safety is a concern. But, men in our country are made to believe wrong things. Women are made to believe that they cannot show their legs. If God gave us legs, why do we have to cover them?

America, for children, means education. They have good public schools which give great education, and are not meant for the ‘poor’. Their public schools have clean classrooms, good sports facilities, etc.

Public schools in India are government schools, which are for the ‘poor’. They don’t get proper education, are not taught English, don’t have proper classrooms, some children don’t wear shoes. In fact, I am a huge witness to this. The complex where I live is literally 100 metres diagonal to a government school. The complex where I live has modern people, who want change. So, a group of people, incluing my father decided to go on some days to the school, and teach the kids. I have gone personally sometimes, and helped them read. They’re such beautiful children, like me, who deserve to have a good life.

I’m getting very emotional right now, so lets move on to good things about India.

People help in India. Its a tradition here that we are hospitable, so if you stay in a hotel, the staff is basically at your feet. In fast food restaurants like Taco Bell and McDonald’s, the staff help you till the end, and sometimes make you feel good if you’re having a bad day. Its easy to start a conversation with people. You have people to help you out.

In America, mostly everything is self-service. You have to cook your own food, clean your house yourself. You can’t start a conversation with the person taking your order.

INDIA DOES NOT SELL GUNS! AND I AM SO SO PROUD OF THAT. Nobody can shoot anyone after getting drunk. Nobody can threaten you with a shotgun.

I was actually shocked to see stores like ‘Gun Depot’, even in sporting stores, like Big5, I was shocked to see a gun section. I know people have to show several documents, and most people only buy then for safety. But anything can go wrong. A drunk father can kill his family. A theif can steal it, and sell it to someone who”ll use it wrongly.

In India, its easy to find family, friends, company. Thats what peoples’ priorities are : people. You can always find anyone to help you out, give you comfort and hope, and send you home feeling safe.

In America, most people are concerned about work, and not people. And in America, you have to work continuously. And your boss doesn’t understand your excuse to go back to your family.

There’s many points that I haven’t included. You can’t write everything at once. Thats for another post. And I’d like to conclude by saying that I’m grateful. I get proper education, I have a good house, have amazing parents who love me, I can travel, I can take the time out to write this, I can laugh, I have friends, I get food, and I’m happy.

Remember : Don’t give up 🙂 Keep smiling 🙂