Gold Coast

With a full month of Australia, we had to include the Gold Coast! We included it because of some activities on our bucket list – SkyPoint Climb and the beaches. We also included Springbrook National Park as it was close to the Gold Coast.

We landed into Gold Coast on 3rd November, by Gold Coast time. Surprisingly, none of us were jet-lagged. So, we took our rental car, and directly drove to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Aerial view of Gold Coast

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is a bit like a zoo, only they have research centers there. They have a special lorikeet feeding session in the morning and the evening. They give you a plate of milk, and the lorikeets come and drink it! They come on your hands, head and shoulders! Since they were everywhere, I still have small marks! They have grey and red kangaroos too. They have koalas, crocodiles, tree kangaroos, MANY birds and much more animals. We spent about 2 hours there in total.




Tasmanian Devil
Tasmanian Devil
Grey Kangaroos - You can feed them!
Grey Kangaroos – You can feed them!
Feeding a Red Kangaroo
Feeding the Red Kangaroo!
A lil' red joey!
A lil’ red joey!
A Tree Kangaroo - They are almost extinct!
A Tree Kangaroo – They are almost extinct!

After that, we headed to the Burleigh Heads beach. We were staying in Burleigh Heads, so it was very easy to get to. We could see the Surfers Paradise side, with all the tall buildings and a beautifully painted sky.


The next day, we had 3 things to do – the SkyPoint Climb, Movie World and Surfer’s Paradise.

We wanted to do the SkyPoint Climb, and not just the Observatory. With the ticket, you get unlimited access to the observatory, a SkyPoint cap, 20% off on all food and drinks in the observatory, a complimentary group picture, a certificate, and of course – The Climb.

The Climb is just wow. Its not very usual to be in open air in a skyscraper. I’ve been in tall buildings before, but never just – out, in the open. The views are stunning. Looking at the surfs is amazing, the view from the top, how blue the water is. If you’re lucky, you’ll see a whale. We didn’t, unfortunately. (PS- sorry for the bad picture quality, as you’re not allowed to take cameras/phones on the climb and they take pictures, and you can only buy printed copies, so we had to take a pic of the printed pic.)


We went to Movie World because Dreamworld was closed after the accident. Not complaining! The whole theme of Movie World is based on the DC comics and movies. There’s a couple of different things too, for kids and generally. But to be honest, there’s barely any rides compared to shops! But nevertheless, it was cool. Personally, if you like roller coasters like me, you HAVE to go on the Arkham Asylum as well as the Superman Escape. `The Batman Ride is also cool, but you find it in every theme park. The Scooby-Doo Ride is fun if you have kids between ages 6-9. Its not complete high-end extreme, but not very kid-y either. Just in between. The Wild Wild West ride is fun too! Don’t worry about wet clothes. You barely get wet. And if you do, your clothes dry up super fast in the heat.

Arkham Asylum
Arkham Asylum

In the evening, we went to the SkyPoint Observatory – A great decision. I highly recommend going there in the evening. You can see the shadows of the buildings cast onto the sea. Grab a drink or snack and take a seat facing North towards the skyscrapers. Watch time fly while you’re on top of the world!



After some wonderful chill-time, we went onto Surfer’s Paradise for some time. It gets a little chilly in the evenings by the beach, but not cold.

The next day we decided to go to Springbrook National Park. We saw the Natural Bridge Falls, Perlingbrook Falls, Antarctic Beech Trees and Best of All Lookout.

Natural Bridge Falls
Perlingbrook Falls
Best of All Lookout
Best of All Lookout
Antarctic Beech Trees
Antarctic Beech Trees

And with that, we ended our Gold Coast visit. From there we were going to some place very special. A place where a lot of people want to go. Would it live up to the expectations? Would it be what we imagined it would be? Find out in my next blog! Lets see, at the Great Barrier Reef.