Dear 2016,

You were amazing. I’ll admit- you were really annoying at times- but I loved you. You’re definitely a big part of my life that I’ll never forget. You helped create so many memories, meet new people and gave me some great life lessons.

At times, I hated you. You just didn’t go to plan no matter how many times we rehearsed it in my head. You’d pull my hair and kick me. Shout at me and ditch me. Dig a hole to throw me in. But I guess you did it all for a reason. You wanted to teach me how to get out of the hole, defend your kicks, carry on even after you ditched me, shout louder than you, and get up and move on .

You were sometimes better than cotton candy. You were so much sweeter. You helped me discover my true self, learn new things, bring me closer to people, taught me to appreciate little things, laugh more, cry less, become fearless, and become closer to the person I want to be.

You’ve given me lots of ideas, dreams, thoughts, daydreams. You took me up lots of steps to discover who and what I want to be. You made me realize that I can’t reject opportunities anymore, that I can’t back out anymore, that I can’t give up anymore. You taught me to just go for it. And even though, I might still be a little scared, you got me past a lot. You made me realise that it’s okay to be down in the dumps, to just not feel like doing anything sometimes. But you also made me realise that getting up, and moving on, is worth it- and that I’m strong enough to do it.

Sometimes I think of all the little memories we’ve had together. Whether its winning a medal or not wanting to get up early, we’ve been through all that together.  We’ve seen so much together, and nobody else will ever see you the way I have. We went to the USA, Australia, Peru, Ecuador, UK together! Its amazing! How many memories of us can an album fit? Hardly any, if I think about it, because we’ve had too many memories. We went on 50+ flights together, weeks of road trips, and a whole year of instability. But I’m going to have to get used to sitting next to 2017 now.

You brought a lot of change in my world. Thank you for the turbulent ride, full of highs and lows, in different cars and planes, on different roads and skies.