The Revolution

This is a vicious world,
a big, bad world,
ready to pounce at you,
at your thoughts and dreams.
We are told to dream big,
then told that its impossible.
We are told to have an opinion,
then told that we should shut our mouths.
We are told to have a free mind,
then told that there’s strict rules.
There’s a fixed, rigid system,
and nobody will disrupt it.
But one thing I know,
there’s a flaw in every system.
And that one flaw,
is all that we kids need,
to create a system of our own,
where nothing is impossible,
were we can be ourselves.
The revolution has begun,
spreading far and wide.
We were wild once,
no-one can tame us.




But that’s what I’m most afraid of ; existing, and not living. I don’t want to go to high school and do well to go to college and do well to get a job and do well and get married and do well and have kids and do well. I want to know what its like to get drunk and get high. I want to walk through edgy side streets. I want to skydive and bungee jump. I want to scare all the kids one Halloween. I want to go down ‘up escalators’ and go up ‘down escalators’. I want to sail across an ocean, through storms and tides. I want to camp in the Amazon Rainforest. I want to take part in a street race in L.A . I want to shave my hair and donate it for cancer. I want to spend a night under the stars. I want to let go of a floating lantern. I want to go to the Salem Witch house. I want to attend a masquerade. I want to cliff jump. I want to be the kind of mom who plays paint twister with her kids. I want to get a tattoo. I want to dye my hair. I want to play paintball. I want to play my soul out on the piano. I want to publish a best selling book. I want to see the Titanic from a submarine. I want to buy tickets at the airport for a random flight. I want to party in Las Vegas. I want to float in the Dead Sea. I want to learn to stop caring about what people think. I want to get a dog. I want to try climbing Mount Everest. I want to make my mom and dad proud.  I want to live carefree, happily and unapologetically.


Part 2 coming soon.


A Secret with a Bear

So I’m going to start uploading these short stories and excerpts and entries that I write. I’ve been writing on all sorts of topics(love, life, pain, etc) or just random stories like this. And if you have any ideas, challenges or topics for me, feel free to share em’ with me in the comments :))

It is so beautiful, so peaceful here. I don’t ever want to go home. All there is at home is city lights, shopping malls, traffic and fake people. This is Yellowstone National Park.

I look to my right, and there’s my mother and father, free from their stress from work, smiling. And that made me happy. We had pulled up on the way to the top of a hill. Not many people came to this side of the park. I put my sketch of this current view down.
“I need some water.” I say, and cross the road to our car. I open the door away from the road and my backpack falls out, and it tumbles down the edge, down a slope.
“Shoot!” I whisper to myself. Hey, at least it wasn’t a cliff, I could slide down and get it.
And so I did.

But it was steeper than I thought it would be. I stopped becoming a slide, and I began tumbling down, rolling, uncontrollably.
Finally, I stop.
“Oof!” I say, getting up.

I look up at the slop, from where I’d come from. It was too steep to climb, and I hadn’t yet found my bag. If my parents found out about this………… I would die. I had to hurry up and find it, and find a way up. Trees, leaves and grass – That’s all I saw. I walked around, looking for it.
It had gone off the slop a little ahead of where I came down from. It was lighter then me too, hence, I jogged up ahead, eyes wide open.

I reached a small stream, and there was a small cave, on the other side. I looked 270 degrees, and bingo! There is was, right there, next to the cave, on the other side of the stream. I take a few steps back, then run, and jump.
I land onto the ground, sideways, on my hip. “Bullseye.” I whisper to myself, and go towards the bag.

I was just about to reach it, but there it came out, straight out of the cave – A Bear. There it was, a few metres ahead of me. I recognized it as a Grizzly, after all the Ranger Talks we had attended. It was huge! 5 times my size! And what’s worse – Its a mother! Its cubs peek out, looking at me – their next meal.

The bear looks straight into my eyes, and I look straight into its eyes. It has beautiful dark brown eyes, like chocolate buttons. I wondered what it was thinking right now. But I thought, ‘Mama, Papa, I love you.’. I thought of all the things I hadn’t done in life – gone to college, skydived, – and the bear interrupts my thoughts, with a loud, ferocious growl.

I took a few steps back, telling myself not to run, tears in my eyes. I needed a solution,  and I needed it now. And then it hit me – bear spray ! It was in one of my water bottle compartments of my bag. I can see it.

Your life depends on this, Mihika Kumar. If you’ve managed to escape serious trouble from the principal at school, you can do this. I unexpectedly kick a rock into the stream, and the bear looks at it, falling for my trick. I dive towards my bag, and it comes after me, but in those seconds, I was faster than Ussain Bolt. And I was going to live. I had brought this upon myself, and the bear could not go down for killing me, for my mistake. I dive onto the bag, pull out the spay, and sprayed, and looked away. I didn’t want to see a mouth full of teeth, if I wasn’t going to make it. I look back. It worked !

I got up and ran, and I didn’t stop. I could run a marathon right now. I jumped over the stream, and ran, and ran, and ran. The backpack on my shoulder, fear in my mind, and fire in my heart.

I was so scared, I ran up the entire slope without realising that I had.
I coughed, exhausted, next to my car, relieved.
“You okay, sweetie? You’ve been there for a long time.” My mother says, turning around.
“Yeah, I’m cool.” I say, quickly shoving my bag into the car, slamming the door and dusting the dirt off myself.
I survived, and the bear will too.
I hug my mother and father, and they were pretty confused as to why I was being so love-y.

I hop back into the car, and we drove away, me with one hell of a memory, which no-one would ever know about. Dear Bear, its our little secret, okay?


The above writing is based purely on fiction. No event that occurred in it has been personally experienced. 



i’ve begun to notice,
the blueness of you eyes,
not like the majestic ocean,
from the day we first met.
now it’s more like a hurricane,
in which i will have my death.
as you say these words,
your tears are the rain,
you soft hands the lightning,
the words altogether the thunder.
you lash out at me,
and i just stare.
my daddy taught me, one fine day,
that we all need a little hurricane.
to save each of us, and baby,
i don’t regret my choices.


Carving A Sky

day by day,
i’ll lift myself up.
week by week,
i’ll pour my own coffee into a cup.
piece by piece,
i’ll paint my life.
step by step,
one day i’ll be a wife.
years and years,
some day i’ll slowly die.
but at least for now,
i’ll try carving a sky.


The Problem with Society

This is one long topic, rather a debate. And, you obviously may have different opinions than me, but that’s okay. I’m allowed a right to an opinion and here it is.

Society. The exact definition, copy pasted from Oxford Dictionary is,

“a. The totality of people regarded as forming a community of interdependent individuals: working for the benefit of society. b. group of people broadly distinguished from other groups by mutual interests, participation in characteristic relationships, shared institutions, and a common culture. “

But, there’s so much more to that word in my head. Its the reason you feel judged for whatever you do. That whatever you do is wrong, even if you feel it’s right. Its the reason you never feel that you’re enough. Its the reason why you’re afraid to follow your dreams. Oh, I could ramble all day.

Society judges you. Universal fact. “Wear less makeup.”, “Wear more clothes.”, “Wear some makeup.”, “Study more, play soccer less.”, “Learn to sing more high pitched.”, “Do this.”, “Do that.” Its disgusting. We, the human species, is the saddest, most horrifying species in the history of the world. Why can’t we just live, and let live? We all have our differences, whether if its our interests, our priorities, our dreams, our choices. That’s what makes each and every one of us unique. Uniqueness is not a special physical feature. You can, and will find someone with a similar physical feature. If one’s dream is to become a basketball player, society will say “There’s no chance. Learn computers and maths.” even if the player works extremely hard. If one’s priorities is developing their company, society says “At least wear some makeup. Dress up. Look good.” when the entrepreneur is focused on making a product that will change the world. Lets say you become a celebrity. Society will say “Oh, she needs to slim down more.” or “He needs to get bigger muscles.” Regardless of how amazing your dream is and how wonderfully you’re executing it. Society will always judge. So, here’s some life advice. You’re going to get criticized anyways, so you might as well do whatever the hell you want.

Society is making kids grow up faster than they need to. With so much information so easily available, on TV shows, movies, the Internet. Songs give kids information that they don’t need to know. Its not cool to ‘stay a child.’, and you need to ‘grow up.’

New trends come in everyday, and are out the next. Whether its got to do with clothes, a quote from a book or movie, or a viral thing. You get whatever it is, and never use it from the next day. Because its ‘so yesterday’. Not only is this bad for the environment, but there’s so many people in the world that will die to use the things that you buy, but never use.

Obesity. Eating out is so ‘cool’ nowadays. Sure, McD and KFC and Dominos’s and all of that is AWESOME food. But, heath is wealth in the end. With no health, you can’t do awesome things in life like Scuba Diving, SkyDiving, going to basketball/football/cricket games or anything like that. Sure, once in a month is totally fine, but eating out every alternate day is just too much.

Another big thing is virtual communication and social media. If you’re a parent and reading this, I know that you’ll be surprised by this coming from a 13 year old girl. Social Media is totally cool, I have no problem with it. I have an Instagram and Snapchat. But, we LIVE on social media nowadays. And if you don’t have social media then you’re ‘uncool’. We’ve become slaves of the digital world. We’re too addicted to our phones. If we don’t get x number of likes, our self esteem goes down. If x person does not comment it means that they dont care. These are all the things that we think about and prioritize. Texting is cooler than talking in person, pictures are ESSENTIAL when meeting friends. We’re all becoming so two dimensional, letting tiny objects control our lives.

Two out of every three people faces depression. That’s right. There’s a lot of reasons that don’t have to do with society, but there’s a lot of reasons that do. Like, if you’re not popular, or if you don’t get x number of likes. Even if you don’t have social media. Depression leads to alcohol, smoking and drugs.

There’s so many reasons, and I have to make a part 2 of this post. Keep smiling 🙂

Oh wait, I forgot the biggest reason. We blame society, but we are society.